The Chews Letter was created with a passion for delicious food that nourishes the body, builds community, and supports sustainability, all while bringing everyone to their table despite different tastes and dietary needs.

Lisa Anderson

Plant-based, Editor in Chief

Lisa is a Wisconsin native — now living in Florida — and she grew up on a crop farm, hunting, fishing, and raising beef cattle. In April of 2019, Lisa began her journey of a healthier lifestyle that unintentionally created a passion for cooking. When she decided to live a plant-based lifestyle that June, Lisa had to feed her omnivore cravings by learning to cook in all-new, plant-based ways, she also had the challenge of preparing meals for her boyfriend. He lives a Keto-diet lifestyle and not able to sample the food she was making for him. The path to health led to The Chews Letter. It encompasses her passion for food, photography, and design in one place.


Jodi Anderson

Dairy-Free, Editor

Jodi is an aspiring professional baker. Her specialty is dairy-free desserts. She looks forward to developing more recipes for food lovers with restricted diets.

Find her at:

Facebook: @jodissweetstreats

Instagram: @jodissweetstreats

Kelliann Frank

Omnivore, Recipe Development

Kelliann is a chef from Babbit, Minnesota where she has owned and operated her restaurant, Kell’s Kitchen, for over 13 years.

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Abirami Gunasekaran

Omnivore, Photography/Recipe Development

Abirami is a recipe developer and food photographer serving Delaware, Ohio. She loves to create recipes inspired by different flavors and ethnic foods.

Find her at:

Instagram: @limelightpix

Website: limelightpix.com

Lynn Kandler

Low Carb/Sugar-Free, Recipe Development

Lynn is a former cake decorator and coffee shop manager from Northern Wisconsin. She is now retired and happily living in North Central Florida by family.

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Angi Lassen

Modified Omnivore, Editorial

Angi is a freelance writer specializing in health/dietary topics. The mother of four children with unique dietary needs, she intimately understands mealtime challenges.

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Lisa A. Listwa

Omnivore, Editorial

Lisa is a freelance writer and passionate home chef. She loves finding new and interesting ways to prepare clean, healthy meals for her family.

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Blog: TheMeaningofMe.com

Facebook: @LAListwa

Twitter: @LAListwa

Sam Maynard

Omnivore, Recipe Development

Sam has seven years’ experience as a bartender and mixologist. He enjoys venturing into the world of culinary arts.

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Cynthia McFarland

Omnivore, Editorial

Cynthia is a full-time freelance writer and author of nine non-fiction books. Cherished recipes and foods are woven through her favorite memories.

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Katie McPherson

Omnivore, Editorial

Katie is a freelance writer and marketer who loves storytelling, sushi, and clinking glasses with her husband at the local brewery.

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Website: katiemcphersonwrites.com

Kristy Taylor

Vegetarian, Design

Kristy is new to the vegetarian lifestyle and prefers to draw her food instead of cooking. She jumps at the chance to bake sweets, that’s where she is all in.

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Magazine: 352Preview.com

Nathan Whitcomb

Omnivore, Recipe Development

Nathan travels the United States with his family. With over twenty-five years in the food industry, he has a passion for combining bold flavors with local fresh food.

Find him at:

Blog: therventerprise.wordpress.com

Instagram: @ncc1701rventerprise