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Food Trucks 2021, The Chews Letter Magazine

Food Trucks 2021, The Chews Letter Magazine

Stretchy Pants for this Deep-Fried April/May 2021 Issue!

Cover Photo by Christina Karst Photography

Letter from our Editor in Chief

Dear Readers,

It is spring! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the smell of street food fills the air. Here in Florida, we get food trucks year-round, but I get a sense of nostalgia when I smell deep-fried batter. I grew up in the frozen north, so food-truck season meant county and state fairs and city street festivals. Ice cream melting in the hot sun, gyros dripping with tzatziki sauce, and giant pickles on a stick make me long for sticky summers on fairgrounds with my grandparents.

Top (left to right): Falafel, pg. 21 • The Sangria Truck, pg. 09 • Chicken Souvlaki Pitas, pg. 34
Bottom (left to right): Totally Awesome Vegan Food Truck, pg. 26 • The Happy Grilled Cheese, pg. 19 • Flavors of Wynwood, pg. 38

One thing is for certain, COVID-19 shifted the food industry in a big way. Food trucks, pop-ups, and shadow kitchens are part of the new normal, and, here at The Chews Letter, we hope it stays that way. Join us at the table for this deliciously fun issue filled with regional food truck food favorites, New York hotdogs, local pop-up restaurants, outdoor dining, street food around the world, and MrBeast Burgers! And get ready to flex your cooking muscles because we put together some killer food truck-inspired recipes.


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Most Sincerely, Lisa

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