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Saying Goodbye to The Chews Letter

Saying Goodbye to The Chews Letter

Covers from August 2020 to June 2021 (full year of issues)

Dear Readers,

The Chews Letter has grown into a beautiful community of individuals who love to learn about, make, and eat food. I have learned so many things throughout this journey over the last year, and I have connected to food, photography, and people in a whole new way.

It is with sadness that I announce my decision to retire The Chews Letter from our line of publications. Since it was the first publication for Lisa Anderson Media, it is difficult to say goodbye, but letting go when the time is right is a lesson we all have to learn many times in our lives.

As our company grows, so does our mission. While The Chews Letter has always been about bringing people to the table, it has also been about connection. Our desire to connect to humanity is growing with our company, and we’re focusing on the stories that are shared at the table, rather than the food that is served.

August 2021 would have marked the beginning of our second year. We do have some fabulous stories and recipes we collected for the issue, and we will be putting those on our blog instead. We hope you take the time to enjoy these final stories, and maybe make a few of the recipes.

As for our publishing house, we are focusing on our Ocala, Florida community magazine and multi-author books. If you are interested in keeping tabs on our projects, please check out our website at, and you can follow me on Instagram @lisaandersonmedia.

You have been an amazing community, and I am so grateful for all the support you have shown the magazine over this last year. It has been an incredible journey because of you.

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Most Sincerely,

Lisa Anderson


Lisa M. Anderson
Editor in Chief, Creative Director at | Website | + posts

Lisa is the creator, editor in chief, and creative director of The Chews Letter magazine. Lisa's work has been featured in Designer Original, In Fitness and In Health, and several community magazines.

Find her on Instagram: @lisaandersonmedia | Clubhouse: @landersonmedia

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