The Best Homemade Tomato Sauce

I have never been impressed by homemade tomato sauce. It always tends to be watery and tasteless to me. That is until I came across a recipe from the website It was the first time I was extremely impressed with a homemade tomato sauce.

5 Must-Have Cookbooks

I’ve often said that cooking is a love letter to the people I love. If that’s true, then food books are the romance novels of my kitchen.

The Table: Bringing People Together

We see dietary diversity as the variety of diet habits/choices within one household or group of people.

For Love of Food: A Lifelong Love Affair

I love food. I mean really love. I love all kinds of food – healthy (and not so healthy) food, bread, cheese, meat, vegetables, fruits, desserts, sit-down or on-the-go meals – all of it. In one of his plays George Bernard Shaw wrote, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” I think he was onto something there. My love for food runs deep and true and it has been a lifelong love affair.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Vegan

Crisp, but not too hard, and full of flavor. Store in the freezer and dunk straight into your coffee for a delicious treat.

Enhancing Flavor by Roasting Vegetables

Something about the smell of roasting vegetables filling your home makes even the most vegetable adverse person say, “Something smells good!”

Make the Most of Your Produce Run: 5 Questions to Ask at Your Local Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ Markets are a goldmine for produce at its peak, from plump berries, rosy apples, and onions the size of softballs. You will find fresh fruits and vegetables, fully ripened and delivered directly from fields to market. Farmers’ Markets eliminate long-haul truckers or days to weeks spent in storage. By purchasing fruits and veggies from a farmers’ market, you are supporting growers and stimulating the economy. How neighborly of you!

Balance and Nurture: Composting in Cold Weather

Compost provides the full spectrum of nutrients that your garden needs, even beyond what organic fertilizers can. The microorganisms in your compost will enable your plants to absorb the nutrients from fertilizers more efficiently, and the nutrients are available over time, as your plants need them. Compost protects your plants from many soil pathogens. Plus, composting is only as complicated as you want it to be. However, there are some factors to consider when tending to your compost pile during the cold winter months.

Comfort Food and Old-Fashioned Community at Silkie’s with Chef Kenny Gilbert

“Local restaurants are the heartbeat of the community,” said Gilbert. “Local businesses open because they want to share their love of food and service from their perspective. They bring compassion and soul, pure and simple. We do this from the heart every day. That feeds the soul of the community.”

3 Tips to Make this the Cheesiest Year Ever

Looking for a stress-free and undeniably delicious snack for your family game night? Want to surprise a special person you haven’t seen in a while with a gift delivery? Or do you simply want to kick grandma’s recipes up a notch this year? The solution is simple: cheese. Not just any cheese; awesome cheese.