Roasted Jalapeño Garlic Mayo

Cashews are used to make everything from coffee creamer to whip topping to cheese; yes, even mayonnaise! The keys to this recipe are a little preparation and trusting your taste buds.

Great Grilling Ideas for Easy Home-cooked Meals

Any summer day is the perfect day to fire up the grill. Simple or elaborate, gas or charcoal – any type of grill can impart flavors and textures that make home-cooked meals extra special. No need to cook indoors and heat up the kitchen when the outdoor grill is ready to go.

Garden to Glass: Fresh Summer Cocktails to Make at Home

Nothing says summer better than sipping a fresh, seasonal cocktail while you relax with family or a few friends. And what do you need to craft the perfect warm-weather cocktail?

Benefits to Creating Tasty Meals with your Family

Cooking at home is not just about getting dinner on the table. Creating meals together benefits your family in many ways, well beyond helping ensure everyone in the household likes what they eat.

Saturday Morning Breakfast, Farmers’ Market Omelet

Eggs are a breakfast that you can do so many things with: from scrambled eggs, poached, soufflés, or just plain old eggs with a side of bacon.

On The Cover, August-September 2020

Get the recipe for our pancakes featured on the cover of our August-September issue of the magazine.

Colorado Pork Green Chili

Chili. A dish rooted deeply in the American psyche. With many ways to make it, everyone has their favorite. To my taste, green chili is a style that stands out from the rest.

Vegan Raspberry Mini Cheesecake

Vegans rejoice because this year you can celebrate National Cheesecake Day with your non-vegan friends.

Demystifying the martini: 4 steps for perfecting the classic cocktail

With all its many styles, variations and forms, the martini continues to be a mainstay among Americans.

Brighten summertime dishes with fresh grapes

…Crisp, juicy grapes serve as an easy snack — whether fresh or frozen — and a special ingredient in simple but creative new dishes…