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October-November 2020, The Chews Letter Magazine

October-November 2020, The Chews Letter Magazine

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Curried Pumpkin Soup, Non-dairy “Butter” Rolls, Three Sisters Enchiladas, Finding Thanksgiving, Balance and Nurture, Expanding Family Traditions, Fall Flavors, Ham and Cheese Breakfast Bake, Cottage Pie, Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting, and so much more!

Dear Readers,

In many parts of the country, fall is in full swing; crisp air, changing leaves, and earth’s distinct smell. The southern states, such as Florida, are still hot, and hurricanes crash against neighboring shores. Even amid sticky rain, there are signs of autumn.

We feel the world’s change more than ever as we amp up for another political season fraught with turmoil and learn to manage the new normal due to COVID-19. We hear the cries of #BlackLivesMatter and the officers who walk the line. Children are learning from home, and parents try to balance their work/home lives in a whole new way. 

We embrace a season of listening, learning, looking inward, and standing together through the changes that the fall season can bring. We grew up tasting our way through October and November with pumpkin, apples, squash, and tables full of comfort foods. This is why you’ll find our pages are bursting with delicious fall desserts, Halloween treats, and Thanksgiving sides.

In Locally Yours, we take the plunge into all things cider. We explore hard cider history, and Rica Keenum tells us how to pair it with unexpected flavors. Nathan Whitcomb offers a plate filled with his Three Sisters Enchiladas that would undoubtedly set well with a glass of your favorite fall notes. We even give you a non-alcoholic hot cider recipe to warm you from your head to your toes.

We are introducing a new department where the omnivores can satisfy their carnivorous cravings, called Secret Meatings. Cozy up with a Ham and Cheese Breakfast Bake and Savory Fall-Inspired Mini Pies.  Kelliann Frank teaches us how to make a Venison Cottage Pie, a traditional Shepherd’s pie with a Midwestern twist.

The Green Tongue talks about including your plant-based loved ones by Expanding Family Traditions, providing a way for you to get started with such recipes as Non-Dairy “Butter” Rolls and Curried Pumpkin Soup. Lots of cooking with seasonal vegetables create a large pile of kitchen scraps. Sustainable living is essential, and Jodi Anderson guides us through the process of starting and maintaining a compost pile in the colder months through our feature story, Balance and Nurture.

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Finally, Mark Anderson tells us why food is so vital to our soul when he sits down to talk with French restaurant owners Patrice Perron and Elodie Guinard Perron. Read about their journey in building a restaurant steeped in French cuisine and traditions unexpectedly found in the city square of Ocala, Florida.

We hope, like Patrice and Elodie, that you will sit down, discuss food, and stay long after your plates are empty and the last leaf has fallen from the trees.

Love, Lisa and Rohana

The C-Suite

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